Member Page For Daniel

Over the coming months those who wish to have their own members page will be added, a chance to tell you about ourselves.

I have had an interest in radio as a teen I had a long wire and a realistic Dx-394 which I spent many a happy hour listening to various communications.

I have an electrical and mechanical background and run a local business.

While currently I listen to amateur bands, I hold a Business Radio Suppliers Light Licence from Ofcom and run Retevis RT-82’s for work.


I currently have a icom 7300 SDR radio set up with a multi-band nested dipole


I have a keen interest in computers with a preference for linux and am currently experimenting with a Adlam Pluto SDR.

This is an embedded linux web server and sdr radio with hack to tune/transmit 70 MHz to 6000 MHz and second core can be enabled.

to quote manufacturer

“Hacking the ADALM-PLUTO is possible (and encouraged). In this case – what we mean by hacking is the act of programming or extending the functionality or use cases of the PlutoSDR, in a spirit of playfulness and exploration. In order to do that, you should be familiar with the device, from a user and developer standpoint.”

Many aspects of the PlutoSDR are based from the AD-FMCOMMS3-EBZ, and you should be familiar with that, as it will help understand how to extend the PlutoSDR.

With mixed results I am using SDR ANGEL




3D Printing

Having migrated from a Chinese Prusa i3 clone, I currently have a CraftBot 2


As has been mentioned I have become the De-facto webmaster , I see my place as keeping things running and involving club members. I have in the region of 11 years WordPress use as a self hosted sites and 14 plus years with Linux.

I take an active part keeping the website running smoothly and as time progresses the website with fill with members interests / projects etc.