G0OQT  Mike Jones

Welsh speaking Welshman (Gog!) living over the border in England

Trained as a seagoing radio officer at the College of IMR Communications (Brook’s Bar) Manchester (1966-69).

Initially seagoing R/O working in the main for Marconi (MIMCo) and served on a variety of ships before coming ashore and working for the Greater London Council as a radio mechanic servicing London Ambulance Service mobile radio equipment as well as GLC housing department mobile comms then decided to withdraw from London life and come down to Somerset to work as a shore side R/O at “Portishead Radio/GKA” from 1976-1989.

As that service contracted moved across to a customer service role for BT’s international customer service centre followed by a brief spell with satellite services before it was sold off and sadly GKA was razed to the ground.

Took the opportunity and retired at the age of 51 from BT and did what I wanted to do and got my PCV licence initially followed by the LGV(C) followed by the C+E eventually.  Did very little on the artics because some know-all scrambled by brain and took my confidence away.  Enjoyed the LGV driving but as I got older decided to go back to the bus work.  Unfortunately today’s operators are out to squeeze every little bit out of their drivers which makes it a stressful time behind the wheel instead of the enjoyable time it should be.  Have recently scaled right back on work although as I approach my 7th decade the medics still consider I’m fit to continue driving both PCVs and LGVs but tend to do just the occasional stint now and then – mainly community transport which is why I’ve turned back to radio as my free time increases!

Member of the RSGB (rejoined)