Television and Radio Interference

After receiving a complaint about poor TV reception and suggestion that Amateur Radio could be the cause:-

Back in the days of DTI and Later Ofcom there was a method to get television and radio interference investigated by the government department.

Currently bar pirate radio stations, Ofcom have delegated responsibility HERE to the BBC

“The BBC is responsible for dealing with complaints of interference to domestic television and radio reception except where the source is an unlicensed broadcast station. Ofcom will offer advice and assistance, and where appropriate investigate, where we receive reports of harmful interference from consumers and citizens”.

So basically after years of dealing with poorly installed TV’s, Aerials and poorly shielded Amplifiers  -Ofcom have had enough.

Firstly Check all connections.

Coverage Checker Here

Power cycle and Re-Tune all equipment

4 G TV interference claim your free filter Here

Digital TV filter Guide Here

Braid Breaker Here

BBC Investigation Service Here & after checking out the previous link go Here

“If there is no progress either because of lack of co-operation or because attempts at solving haven’t worked, you can contact the RTIS. If the radio amateur or CB enthusiast is willing to talk to us”

Investigation of problems due to interference are undertaken by the regulator Ofcom but they will not investigate unless some set criteria have been met. The Radio and Television Investigation Service will help you gather the information required and will refer appropriate cases to Ofcom for you.


Bottom line rather than make potentially unfounded accusations, try politely working with the local radio amateur as almost 100% of the time your interference issues will NOT be caused by their equipment.

If investigated officially and found that your TV equipment has poor rejection of signals/ poor installation/ faulty parts or something in your house causing issues- YOUR LIKELY TO GET CHARGED FOR COST OF INVESTIGATION