Lionel M6LSJ

Hi my name Lionel M6LSJ

I pass my licence on 6 July 2010.

My QTH is Cheddar.

I like use HF-2m/70cms-Dstar-DMR-Fusion-DMR+ i like all bands.

DV Mega Cast with add on Ambe 3000 to work on Blue DV windows on DMR D-Star and Fusion.

2 Blue DV Megas 1 daul and 1 single banded via BlueDV for Windows & BlueDV for Android phone and tablet

3 different systems on PI-Star  at once with Pi-star with MDVM  screen which i used DMR/DStar and Fusion. 

I use Network Radio Echolink Hubnet  Teamspeak3 and Zello Inrico  N60 T320 and W5. 

I also got a Allstar Hubnet a nice bit of kit.

I like programming for many radios and trying new things.