Wed 16th January saw the first meeting of the club for 2019 and Daniel who designed and produced the website for the club gave a talk and demonstration around the website and our thanks go to him for all his hard work with setting up the website.

we also gained 2 new members STEVE G4TBD and PETER 2E0IKK and welcome them to the club.

the next meeting for the club is on the 6th Feb and the 20th feb,

on the 6th I will be demonstrating hotspots along with Steve g4tbd

and on the 20th I will be bringing a fusion repeater to demonstrate how it works etc

the dates for March are again the 6th and 20th of the month


Wed 6th Feb saw the first meeting of the month and Steve G4TBD gave an interesting talk on digital radio and also demonstrated 2 hot spots

so our thanks to Steve for the talk.

next was a request by 3 members to take the club forward and apply to be registered  with the RSGB

after a long discussion, it was decided by the group to go ahead and  4 members including my self agreed to undertake the training etc

after  a few prompting, we managed to get Steve to agree to be the main guy in training  as after all, he taught me way back in 1980

so the next meeting will be on the 20th Feb

one request to discuss  on the 20th is for the club to return to a 7 pm start

paul g6osr Chairman

  G4TBD STEPHEN giving a talk on digital hotspots at the club