ICOM IC 7300

Own Microphone Adam Farson, VA7OJ/AB4OJHow to configure and use different microphones for IC-7200 and other Icom radios

Icom IC-7300 Digital Mode SettingsBruce Wampler, WA7EWCHow to configure the IC-7300 to use BPSK31 using Ham Radio deLuxe Digital MasteR

IC-7300 Wide Band Modification

Whisky Cadman  internal links to “open up” the IC-7300 Fldigi with Icom IC-7300

Bruce Wampler, WA7EWCThis HOWTO get fldigi working with the Icom IC-7300 Set up IC-7300 to work with HRD 5.24

PA3HHO setting up the IC-7300 to work with Ham Radio deLuxe6 Connecting an Icom Transceiver to your PC

Dave, AA6YQHow to connect the IC-7300 to the PC, using DXLab7ICOM IC-7300 setting for Meteor Scatter and digimodes

SP3RNZ Setting up the IC-7300 for meteor scatter8 Icom IC-7300 USB for Radio Control + FSK Keying

CJ Johnson, WT2PThis HOWTO achieves radio control + FSK RTTY keying (along with the option of doing other digital modes using AFSK) using just a single USB cable between the IC-7300 and a PC9

USB CAT Setup Robin Moseley, G1MHUA diagram showing the settings for USB/CAT setup

HOWTO set up WSJT-X Robin Moseley, G1MHU WSJT-X on the IC-7300

HOWTO build a paddle-to-straight key controller switch using an Arduino  Luc DeCroos, ON7DQ Full instructions  Arduino-based controller paddle and straight key.

Icom IC-7300 Digital Mode SettingsBruce Wampler, WA7EWC

Push2Tune for the Icom 7300 Mike, W7ARKDetailed Push-to-Tune schematic for the IC-7300

Using the programs fldigi and flrig with the IC-7300  KB0NE

SO2R with two IC-7300s JA1NLXA SO2R