Club Skype Meeting Good News

Firstly a congratulations to our Member M7APN (Tim) who we look forward to hearing on air after going through the traditional foundation course practicals and the delay of a pandemic being announced, good news the RSGB remote exams allowed him to get his call sign.

Topic of the evening was Oscillators

This circuit was widely used in the regenerative radio receiver, popular until the 1940s.
Clapp Oscillator – Another oscillator which is an advanced version of Colpitts oscillator
Transistor Clapp
Colpitts Oscillator Tutorial and the theory behind the design of the Colpitts Oscillator

Hartley oscillator using transistor, circuit

hartley oscillator circuit

A Meissner Oscillator or sometimes (especially in USA) refered more as an Armstrong oscillator
See the source image
Wien Bridge Oscillator



Wein Bridge Oscillator


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